Sports and Entertainment Visas

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Obtaining an O or P Visa for Athletes and Entertainers

The United States recognizes the importance and value of athletes and entertainers. Therefore, U.S. Immigration Law makes provision for a special category of visas for exceptional athletes and entertainers. These visas are referred to as “O” and “P” visas.

The O visa is for persons of extraordinary ability in the field of sports, arts, motion picture, television, sciences, business or education while the P visa is for internationally recognized athletes and entertainment groups.

When in need of an O or P visa, time is usually of essence and it may be difficult to determine what exact category or subcategory one may fall into.

Our law firm has assisted several clients in the entertainment and sports industries in procuring the required visas. We understand that when athletes and entertainers require a visa, they need the application to go through in a timeous and efficient manner. We have the knowledge and experience to assist you in your application with speed and accuracy, thereby yielding you the required favorable results.

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