Mortgage Modification

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Miami, Florida Loan and Mortgage Modification Attorney

A mortgage modification is a restructuring of the mortgage where some the terms of your loan is modified to provide you with an affordable payment. Your interest rate may be reduced and/or the length of your loan term may be extended. In addition, your variable interest rate may be converted to a fixed fee. In certain circumstances, you may also be able to temporarily suspend your mortgage payments.

Are you behind on your mortgage payments or perhaps you have a second mortgage and can’t seem to catch up as a result of some financial hardship you may have encountered. It could also be that your home is worth less than the value of your loan or your interest rate is too high. If you find yourself in this situation, a modification to your mortgage agreement can help prevent any looming foreclosure.

Most lenders are usually unwilling to discuss a modification option with you unless you hire an attorney to negotiate on your behalf. We’ll be able to prove that you’re eligible for a modification and negotiate new favorable terms on your behalf.

For many years, The Law Office of Samuel S. Sorota has saved the homes of clients in Miami and throughout the South Florida area from foreclosure. We are committed to serving residents of Florida from losing their property and will do our best to negotiate favorable terms on your behalf.

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